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Happy Holloween!
Dragon Boy Side View
My mommy made my costume for me!
I got to pick out my own costume this year! We went to the store and looked and looked through all the pattern books. Finally, I decided I wanted to be a dinorsaur. Then Mommy and I wandered through the store, looking for fabric. I picked out bright yellow and fuschia pink... I think it works!
I had a lot of fun on Holloween... At first I didn't understand all of that "trick-or-treat" stuff, but when I said it, people gave me candy... lots of candy.

This is me taking a bath in the sink. Mommy and I lived for about a year in a house that didn't have a bathtub; only a shower.

Me and my balloons at my third birthday party. They didn't last long but then, they never do...
This is me on my third birtday, at my party! Woo-hoo, chocolate cake!!
This is me in my new bathtub!!!
This is me on my new bunk bed! Now I can have friends stay over night!

I really like Bruce Willis. Some people wonder
if we were separated at birth



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