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Pattern #181: Saya grande de lanilla para muger
High necked, trained gown of flannel for a woman


This is a trained, high necked gown from flannel. The flannel probably has a nap as all pieces are laid bottoms to the left. Notice the lines on the bocice. It is unclear as to whether or not this is a cutting line. Notice the slightly curved side seams and their placement, following the muscle point of the back. The collar is completely separate and made up of six small pieces. Also notice the slight sleeve head in the sleeve. A translation and fabric requirements are given below.

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Large saya of flannel for a woman. 12 3/4 baras x 1 bara (11.44 yards x 32.3 inches).

In order to cut this large saya of flannel, that has of Castillian baras, thirteen baras less one quarter, it is necessary to double half of the baras over the other half, and the part of our left hand are cut out the front quarters, and above are cut out the back cuchillos, back, and fronts of cuera, collar, and sleeves, and above it are cut out halda back, and of one half the {recaudo} of {riuetes} for said saya. This takes of flannel of Valencian baras, twelve baras: and of Aragon baras, fourteen baras less one twelfth: and of Catalonia half less of baras of Aragon. And this can be done of any of the said baras by this same one pattern.

For a more complete definition of the various spanish terms, please see A Comprehensive Tailoring Vocabulary.

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