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About>Projects Gallery 3

These were the step-down clothes for HRM Skapti and Asa.. My asignment was to create "10th Century Norse" clothing and that was it... when pushed for design ideas, TRMs looked me straight in the face and said "We trust you". Talk about pressure!

Both Asa's apron and Skepti's tunic were cut from a 3.25 yard piece of wool 60" wide. I used rectangular construction exclusively as there was no other way to get both garments out of that one piece. The black bands and appliqued animals are of felted wool and the embroidery is out of perl cotton and cotton floss. Various other bits and pieces were added based on examples of embellishments I'd seen from grave finds, illuminated Tailors Books and just plain desparation.

For research and inspiration, I used various texts on Scandinavian and Irish bog finds dated from between the 8th and 12th centuries as well as Irish Manuscripts and Irish and Scandinavian jewelry from the 10th and 11th century.

The black bands used as the embroidery ground have no documentation but I needed something substantial to support the applique and embroidery (the white wool is of fairly loose weave) so I opted for these contrasting bands. There are similar things in period but no real evidence in any archeaological finds.

Thanks to my faithful and quick fingred student, Merouda - who is now one of my apprentices (and not because of this), we were able to complete both of these garments in about two months.

The pictures of the royal booties are from boots I made for Asa in July 2000 when she stepped up as Queen. They are the felted kind which I describe in detail how to make here.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of Skepti wearing his tunic. My camera batteries decided to die out on me and there was no chance to get more at the time. At some point, if I catch him in it and I have my digital camera with me, I'll take a few shots.

Asa's dress

Asa's dress
laid flat
Asa's top
with jewelry
Asa's hem

Asa's hem
Asa's top
laid flat
Skepti's tunic
laid flat

Skepti's hem
Asa's boots

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