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Linking to this site is highly encouraged. Drop me a note and let me know that you've linked to my site! Not required but I'd like to hear from you!

Links to Other Sites of Interest -

FOTRT (Friends of The Renaissance Tailor) -

Yes! It's true! I have friends! And they are some very clever people:

The Magic Factory
Reconstructing History
A Magyar Jurta
The Costumer's Manifesto

More friends later...

Monster Information Sites -

This is a link to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many beautiful portraits, some clothing, and other artifacts... The Collections section contains a great search engine.

This is Drea Lead's Monster Elizabethan site...'nuff said.

The Costumer's Manifesto. All kinds of different pages with all kinds of different information and lots of pictures and links.

Clothing and Pattern Sites -


The Milanese Tailor's Handbook. In period illustrations, clothing, horse, and accessory patterns... all with an Italian flavor:

Eastern Europe:

Yurts by Rainier. I know it's not exactly Elizabethan but Yurts have been around for centuries and are still used today in Mongolia and other parts of Asia. The design has remained virtually unchanged in all that time. This particular site focuses on beautifully constructed, high end yurts that have practical applications for permanent use.

The Balkans and Caucasoids:

The Middle East:


Max Tilke's Oriental Costumes. Not everything is in the time period but can be used as an ancillary source and the illustrations are excellent for showing seams and seam placement:

Online Fabric Stores -

Listing these stores in no way endorses them or implies any sort of guarantee of service. I've had good luck with them but your experience may vary. Caveat emptor...
(aka Phoenix Textiles).
Rating: Excellent.

Rating: Excellent.
Upgraded from: Ok.

UPDATE 1/13/05: These folks are rapidly becoming my favorite fabric store. They seem to have addressed the customer service problems that I had with them in 2002 and are now extremely responsive and have a great inventory as well as great prices.

Online Book Stores -

Can't find those pesky out-of-print books? Try these shops, all of which I have had excellent luck with. Again, the listing of these stores in no way endorses them or implies any sort of guarantee of service. Caveat emptor...

Rating: Good.

Has a great out-of-print service that lets you pre-order but be sure to note that you've made the preorder because they will buy the book for you without a notification. Rating: Good. Great out-of-print section. Rating: Good. Rating: Good

Rating: Good

Rating: Excellent

I highly recommend this service.

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