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About>Projects Gallery 2

Click on pictures and links for larger views. Some of the larger views are quite large; be patient while they load. These projects were mostly completed during 2000 and 2001.

Another picture of the 17th Century "Russians".
Pearl trim dress - 1585.
Replica from Burguen pattern manuscript, 1618.
Early period Celtic style tunic - 10th Century.
Russian style shirt, 17th Century.
For more detail: Neckline and button
Women's doublet, 1585. Detail of Back.
High necked gown, 1585.
For more detail:
Detail of back
Detail of side
Surcoat, late 16th Century. Detail of front.
Cavalier dress, 17th Century.
For more detail:
Front detail
Detail of back

Partlet and gloves set, late 16th Century.

Embroidery on partlet, late 16th Century.

Cavalier collar, 17th Century.

My Central Asian/Eastern European/Rectangular Construction Phase -

These are pictures of various things I have done from 2000 to 2001. This is when I was really getting into the rectangular construction thing and into the Eastern European and Central Asian stuff.

Balkans area embroidery on a shirt cuff.
Close-up of chain stitches used as fill.
Close-up of card woven trim
Finished boots! Leather soles added
and ties around the ankle make
these all weather. Toasty feet!
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