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Launched!>New Store

My new store openned October 1st, complete with shopping cart, credit card acceptance, and secure checkout!

Below you can take a look at some of the things I've sold over the past year and a half.

This is a gallery of both commissions and regular items that I've had in my store over the past year. There are also a couple of items in this gallery that I've done in the past year as gifts. All in all, this is really what I've been doing with my spare time. This is, by no means, a photo of everything I've made/sold/given away. By my calculations, I've made over one hundred ruffs, dozens of Cavalier collars, lots of fans and hats, and a couple of sets of buttons. That's kind of an awesome amount to contemplate!

Coming soon: clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a page with larger photos and descriptions.

New Store Format Coming October 1st!

Painted Box . Handworked Buttons. Cavalier Collar. Huge, black de Medici Ruff.
One dozen pink ruffs & cuffs sets . Black work ruff commission with buttons. Black work ruff in action! Suit of black work ruffs.
Another Cavalier Collar. Poiny lace ruff. Feather Fan. An Italian Bonnet.
Cavalier collar with big lace. Another, understated Cavalier collar. Cuffs to match the Cavalier Collar. Lovely, simple linen ruff.
A commission for Cavalier Othello. Three-inch width lace ruff. A lovely velveteen cap. Gold lace trimed ruff.
A child's ruff in action. Child's ruff. Pointed lace ruff. Another view of pointed lace.
Some lace I found on Ebay. Worked up into a lovely ruff. Another de Medici collar. Yet another de Medici collar.
A very beautiful de Medici ruff. Side view of ruff and lace. More pointy lace in action! Pointy lace on a linen ruff.
Lovely lace from LA. Nice and stiff and easy to work with. More lace I found on Ebay. I wish I could get more!
More interesting lace. I like the way it worked up. Even more lace I found on Ebay. I decided to pearl it after it was done.
I love this lace! It looks like reticella. Another plain linen ruff. Understated but beautiful!


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