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Getting Started
- Basic Sewing Tech
- Fun With Bias

Body Measurement
- What & Where to Measure

Pattern Development
- Basic Pattern Drafting
- Basic Pattern Development
- The Toile & Mock-Up
- Basic Rectangular Patterns

Sewing Tech
- Gores, Gussets, and Inserts
- Facings
- Cartridge Pleating
- Basic Handsewing Techniques
- Hand Bound Eyelet Holes
- Machine Seams

Trims & Embellishment
- 5 Cross Cultural Embroidery Stitches
- Appliqué Techniques
- Passemaine (hand made trims)
- Trims requiring very little equipment
- Complicated Trims
- Cardweaving
- Buttons
- Making Felt

Western European
- Underwear
- Shirts
- Farthingales
- Corsets
- Stockings
- Collars and Cuffs
- Partlets
- Gloves
- Hats
- Shoes

Eastern European:

- Shirts
- Pants
- Coats
- Shoes
- Boots
- Hats
- Jewelry

Ancillary Arts
- Fans
- Pouch Hinges, Part 1
- Pouch Hinges, Part 2


Upcoming Classes:

2006 Class Schedule


Classes Offered:

The following list of classes are available to be taught. Contact me if you are interested in having me come teach! If you are interested in having me teach a class that is not offered below, contact me. Please understand that I live in the Pacific Northwest and am only available certain week-ends. Sometimes, I will conduct classes at my house and sometimes, I will travel to teach. When I do, the date and location will appear above.

The Renaissance Tailor: Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing.

Offered in four two-hour sessions (preferably on the same day).
Part I: Garments and Layers
Part II: Patterns and Pattern Drafting
Part III: Construction
Part IV: Trims and Embellishment.


Rectangular Construction for Coats and Other Garments from the 16th and 17th Centuries (two hours)
Basic Pattern Drafting (two hours for abridged version, four hours for in-depth version)
Basic Pattern Development (two hours for abridged version, four hours for in-depth version)


Basic Sewing Techniques: Five things that will improve the finished product (two hours)
Handsewing Techniques (two hours)
The Corset (four hours for abridged version, eight hours for in-depth version)
Historically Accurate Machine Seams (two hours)
The Elizabethan Ruff (two hours)
The Elizabethan Shirt and Smock (two hours for abridged version, four hours for in-depth version)
The Elizabethan Farthingale (four hours for abridged version, eight hours for in-depth version)
The Elizabethan 'Foreparte' and underskirt (two hours)
The Cavalier Collar (two hours)
Constructing Gloves (two hours for abridged version, six hours for in-depth version)


Felt and Felt Boots: History and Methods of Construction (two hours)
Passemaine Trims (two hours)
Elizabethan Buttons (two hours)
Cross Cultural Embroidery Stitches (two hours)
AppliquéTechniques (two hours)


Survey of Extant Tailors Pattern Books (two hours)

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