- New Demos

- Classes & Schedule

Getting Started
- Basic Sewing Tech
- Fun With Bias

Body Measurement
- What & Where to Measure

Pattern Development
- Basic Pattern Drafting
- Basic Pattern Development
- The Toile & Mock-Up
- Basic Rectangular Patterns

Sewing Tech
- Gores, Gussets, and Inserts
- Facings
- Cartridge Pleating
- Basic Handsewing Techniques
- Hand Bound Eyelet Holes
- Machine Seams

Trims & Embellishment
- 5 Cross Cultural Embroidery Stitches
- Appliqué Techniques
- Passemaine (hand made trims)
- Trims requiring very little equipment
- Complicated Trims
- Cardweaving
- Buttons
- Making Felt

Western European
- Underwear
- Shirts
- Farthingales
- Corsets
- Stockings
- Collars and Cuffs
- Partlets
- Gloves
- Hats
- Shoes

Eastern European:

- Shirts
- Pants
- Coats
- Shoes
- Boots
- Hats
- Jewelry

Ancillary Arts
- Fans
- Pouch Hinges, Part 1
- Pouch Hinges, Part 2


Upcoming Demonstrations:

TBA Elizabethan Linen Stockings - An often overlooked accessory with many possibilities.
TBA The Smock - Exploring vestigial rectangular construction techniques for an essential pieces of Elizabethan underwear.
TBA Underwear for Men and Women - Period boxer shorts for warmth and comfort.
TBA Separate Sleeves: An Essential Accessory - Stretch your wardrobe with a pair of extra sleeves.
TBA Elizabethan Embroidery Motifs from Period Sources - Bess of Hardwick and Flowers and Trees of Tudor England.
TBA Skirts, Underskirts, and Forepartes - Period patterns and ideas on embellishment.
TBA Simple Bobbin Lace Gimp: Making Your Own Trim - Ten bobbins, a stiff pillow and some spare time...
TBA Cardweaving Closures of the 'Polish Style' - Period 'frog' closures for Eastern European clothing.

So I actually finished up the remodel of my previous studio and house and then I sold it and moved. I put together a new studio in November of 2007 and now I'm trying to re-balance my life. Check back after the new year...

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