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Demonstrations>Ancillary Arts>Making Hinges for Pouches Using Minimal Equipment

What We Will Be Doing:

During this upcoming demo, I'll show you how to make very simple hinges which you can then use for making pouches or other accessories that require hinges. Why not just go to the craft store and buy them, you ask? Because then you would not have the frustration and ultimate joy of making your own with semi-period equipment. I'll be showing some period examples and talking about how these things were made in period but we will be using some more modern equipment to actually make them. In this demo, I'll be showing you how to cut metal to shape

Pre-Demo Equipment list:

  1. A jeweler's saw (NOT a coping saw) which is adjustable (preferably) and looks like the illustration to the right - Cost range: $12 - $23
  2. Saw blades - size 0 to 3/0 range. These are tiny little blades that fit in the saw and are specially made to cut metal - Cost range: $1 - $2
  3. A jeweler's file - half round - Cost range: $1 - $3
  4. A jeweler's file - round - Cost range: $1 - $3
  5. A pair of pliers - Cost range: $3 - $5
  6. A small hammer (I mean a SMALL one - preferably new) - Cost range: $5 - $7
  7. A drill (either hand or Dremel) - Cost range: $10 - 30$
  8. Drill bits of the same gauge as your wire - Cost range: $1 - $3
  9. Sheet metal of brass, copper or silver - preferably 22 gauge but can be slightly thicker. I don't recommend thinner - Cost range: $5 - $15
  10. Wire that matches your sheet metal - meaning of the same type of metal - Cost range: $1 - $3
  11. A table that you don't mind nicking up - something small that sits at a good height so that you will not be stooping over when you sit and work at it.

Total cost range: $40 - $91

Where to get these things:

Check in the yellow pages of the city you live in. If you're lucky, there will be a jeweler's supply store (sometimes listed under crafts, sometimes under jewelers). In Seattle, there is TSI on Nickerson. There is also Rio Grande on the Internet. You can also try your local hobby stores, craft stores such as Michael's, etc. Rio Grande catalogs are $5 each but they are really quick at shipping things and are comparatively inexpensive. TSI also sends out catalogs but are not so quick about shipping. They are not on the Internet but here's their address and phone number:

TSI, Inc.
101 Nickerson Street
Seattle, WA 98109
1-800-426-9984, 206-282-3046, Fax 281-8701
Findings, gold & silver craft supplies, exotic beads, fimo and supplies.

A good resource book:

The Complete Metalsmith : An Illustrated Handbook
by Tim McCreight

This can be ordered from for around $11. It's well worth it if you want to go further into the art of metalsmithing than this demo will take you. This is the book that I learned from during college; it was required reading in our metalsmithing classes. I highly recommend it. Tim McCreight is a minimalist metalsmith, which means that he likes to make stuff with minimal cost and equipment.

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